Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

Brad's birthday was yesterday so we celebrated on Saturday with a gameday party.  We got so much UGA and entertaining stuff for the wedding, I wanted to put it to use.

See??  We had ham sandwiches, fruit dip, chili cheese dip, beer dip, cheese straws and cookies.  Oh, Martha brought a yummy sausage dip too.  And boiled peanuts!!!  They took all day but were delish and we are still enjoying them. 

Win with our new flag.  Silly...

I used a G mold for this and was surprised it worked so well.  I also love these platters.  I have three of different shapes and sizes and the football is on a stem that fits on the ledge.  I have 11 different themed minis - Christmas tree, star, martini glass, golf ball, grill, beach chair, etc.  The company that makes them is Nora Fleming, brother Fleming and sister Nora - check it out!

I also couldn't resist making these G ice cubes.  It was tedious to say the least but the ones that survived look great huh?

We used them in Brad's famous Shingleritas!!

Cheers to the UGA victory!!

Martha and Win.


Megan and Adi were also in town for a wedding so it was great to see them.  Brad and I are heading to Chicago soon to visit.  Can't wait!  Mike joined us too but Blake had to work.  We can't decide if we are going to Columbia this weekend or not.  I always say I am boycotting due to the heat and our guaranteed crappy play but we will see.  I will probably cave again...

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Fannie Bradley's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday to Brad! Food looks yummy!