Monday, September 27, 2010


Well, UGA is surely stinking up the place huh?  Unfortunately, our problem is not a quick-fix and we may be bad for years.  Oh well, it takes the pressure off on Saturdays huh?  We were at the ARK game and it was a heartbreaker.  That's the thing with this team, we could have won all three of these games.  We have the talent but coaching and that Junkyard Dawg attitude are lacking.

Looks like the Braves may play themselves out of the playoffs as well.  Sadly, I am looking forward to UGA basketball!!

So, all this means I am very excited for my TV shows.  :)

My oldies are The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy and CSI.  With several shows going off the air last year (LOST, 24, FlashForward), I have had to find some new ones.  I think I am going to like The Event.  I tivoed Hawaii 5-0, Undercovers and Blue Bloods too but not sure how many will stay on the list. 

We have a busy Fall (starting with a NC trip next weekend for some flyfishing) so I will have lots to post!!  Stay tuned!

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