Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend projects

So, this weekend, Brad and I finished several projects we have been working on around the house.  The most exciting is our firepot patio!!  That is a solid cast-iron firepot and, boy, it is heavy.  Brad built this 12x12 frame and filled it with gravel and sand.  Then we laid the stack stone out and cemented in it place.  We are so excited to start using it once it gets chilly.  We still have to do a little more landscaping.  We are going to lay out the remaining stone as a walkway, build a step from the porch, lay more pinestraw and tear out those bushes and replace with (??).  Any suggestions? 

The house is really coming together.  In the last few weekends, we have (finally) moved Brad's bedroom from Westlake over to the spare bedroom.  The office furniture has been upgraded and compacted.  The dining room furniture has been in place for a while and I love it!  Of course, the new floors, grass and fence were all upgrades as well.  The last big project is to get floor in the attic so we have all that space too.  Yippee!!

Well, I am hoping for new master bedroom furniture soon as well.  We'll see...

I made this cinnamon wreath this weekend.  I was thinking for Christmas but it can be fall'y' as well.  The smell is divine!!  I will get better pictures of this up once the house is decorated.  

We will probably host an impromptu UGA/UF party this weekend and hopefully a girls Christmas party.  I want to start hosting an annual New Year's Day Brunch so we will continue working on the house!  I love to entertain and all these things will make it easier and more fun!!

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