Thursday, October 14, 2010

Farm food

We had lots of yummy farm food this last weekend.  On Friday, we went with Levi to Farm 255.  He actually lived and worked on this farm for a while.  You may remember our visit from a previous post.

I had the local chevre with marcona almonds, honey and toasted bread along with some butternut squash soup.  Brad had the burger and LOVED it.  Levi, what did you have?  I can't remember.  The arugula salad and something else.  They also have a great patio that is perfect for dining al fresco.  I had to try the Pork Slap beer.  It was yummy and has a fabulous can!  If you can't tell, it is two pigs slapping bellies.  Ha!

On Sunday morning, we went with Beth and Ryan to Serenbe Farms in Palmetto, GA.  It it the coolest neighborhood fashioned after farm houses with some retail mixed in.  We ate at The Hil and it was marvelous.  I had smoked salmon and homemade goat cheese (do you see a pattern?) flatbread pizza.   

Eating at places like this always inspires me to use more local, fresh ingredients.  Hopefully soon!!  :)

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levi said...

oh yeah, i had polenta with a mushroom sauce...pretty awesome

glad yall enjoyed it