Monday, November 22, 2010

thanksgiving list

So, we are heading to Hilton Head with the Shinglers for Thanksgiving weekend.  Brad and I are preparing brunch on Saturday for the whole crew.  Here are the dishes I am taking/making:

1. cheesy potato casserole
2. strawberry cream cheese coffee cake
3. fruit salad
4. curried chicken salad 

Also, fun snacks and desserts:

1. taco dip
2. ranch oyster crackers
3. sugar-crusted meltaways
4. white chocolate chex mix (AKA crack due to its addictiveness)

We are also taking:

1. bocce (we are right on the beach and though we might not be sunbathing, we will bocce!)
2. swimsuit (we do have a hot tub!)

So, it should be a great time!  We are having dinner with my family for Thanksgiving and Levi's birthday on Wednesday and heading down on Thursday morning.  On Sunday, we will leave pretty early to get back here in time for Mom and I to go to the Nutcracker.  I haven't seen it at the Imperial since I played an angel one year.  Ha!

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