Monday, December 13, 2010


Ok, here are a few pics of the Christmas decor. 

 Well, this is our aquarium.  Not really a decoration but I have been meaning to post it forever so here you go!  We have rainbows, tetras, swordtails, clown loaches, rainbow sharks and something else I am forgetting.  It is right at 30 gallons and still relatively new.  Need to add more fish soon!  There is a tiny pointsetta on top of it that Brad bought me for our 6-month anniversary.  Can believe it?!?

 Sweet Banj with our tree.  It is not tall because of our tray ceilings but it is very full!  Lowe's - thank you very much!
 As promised, a pic of the cinnamon wreath hanging up.  Love it!
 Centerpiece on the dining room table.  I am getting ready for our supper club so ignore all the stuff...
 My new fave ornament.  I found it randomly at a store here.  Love it!
 Some old faves - a Palmetto tree from Kiawah, the bird from Costa Rica and the plaid.  The plaid is from a set but my favorite 'set' ornament!
 Wreath on the front door.  Mom made this one - so pretty!
 Lenox nativity.  This was a wedding gift. 
 Nativity that Granny made!  Love the straw for authenticity.  Not a great picture though...
 Candle with walnuts and cranberries on the server.  I have to say this is Megan's favorite combo and I copied it.  :)
 Snowbabies!  I collected them when I was younger - too cute.

 Full shot of the tree.  Already overflowing with presents.  Does everyone deserve this many?  Not sure...
More faves - the G (of course!), the moose from Vail.  Oh, the Santa from Mexico and the hand-painted lily.

I love having my house decorated!  And the smell - divine!

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