Friday, December 17, 2010

supper club

On Wednesday night, I hosted a supper club/ornament swap for the girls.  Of course, I took NO pictures.  We were having too much fun.  :)

I did a nice cheese tray - one of my faves.  I had tallegio, manchego and smoked gouda.  I also had a cheddar with some crystalization in it - yum!  Served with honey, grapes, marcona almonds and crackers/bread. 

The other girls brought a salad, some bacon/cheese rolls, potstickers, a cheese ball and lots of sweets.  And they contributed the poinsettas - cranberry juice and champagne.  The 10 of us had a blast!  We did miss the 5 girls that couldn't make it.  

I made some spiced cider for them to take with them when they left because it was cold and icy.  I also made some homemade dog treats for the ones that had pups.  Banjo loves them!

1 3/4 c plain flour
3/4 oats
1/4 wheat germ
1/4 peanut butter
1/4 honey
1/2 oil
1 tsp baking powder

This dough is very sticky so you can either chill it for a bit or add more flour.  Roll it out and cut it with fun dog cookie cutters.  I use these - love the hydrant...
Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes on an ungreased cookie sheet.  Then turn off the oven and let them sit for an hour.  Your dogs will love them!!

We had some good ornaments too!  Everybody can always use another ornament right??  :)

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