Sunday, July 22, 2012


We started off our celebration of the 4th at Edisto with Jay, Beth, Mike, Blake and Steve and Michelle.  Levi was even able to come over for our Saturday cookout!

You can hardly see them but these two labs were in LOVE with swimming after their toys in the ocean.  Banjo never did get into that.  She's too prissy to get wet in those wild waves I think.  

The boys playing beach golf.  

We were home Sunday and Monday nights and then headed to the Dozier's at the lake for Tuesday through Sunday.  It is actually easier for me to get to work from there so I was able to go in a little on Thursday and Friday.  These pictures are all out of order...

Tuesday night.  Jay, Bates, Allen, Matt, William and mullet Brad.

Heather, Beth, me, Mandy, Liza and Gail.  

I tried to make some vodka gummie bears (you just soak gummie bears in some vodka and they soak it up) but I left them in my hot car so they melted.  The resulting vodka jello was pretty good though!!

The Lawrences brought their boat over on Wednesday.  Amber and Alex with their kids, Georgia and Law. Jay and Jason up front.  

Beth's birthday was Saturday but we celebrated earlier in the week because she was in Charleston with her twin on the big day.  Her last name is Firebaugh but, of course, her cake said Happy Birthday Fireball!!  :)

Megan and Adi even made it over on Wednesday.  So happy they are back in Atlanta!  We are heading up that way in August hopefully.  

Brantley Griffin showing off his 'skiing' skills!

Brad, Matt and Brantley playing cornhole. 

Georgia enjoying a boat ride.  

The Rigsbys came over on Saturday.  Little Hal with Michele.  

Captain Dozier, Brad, Bates, Heather, Gail, Campbell and Allen

Campbell called us Ms Jelly and Ms Brad.  Too cute...

Dozier's Jackson.  Sweet boy.

Me and Brad

All the kiddos.  Aiden, Brantley, Law, Georgia and Lauren Kate.

Mandy, me, Michelle, Beth, Liza, Gail, Megan and Heather.

Lauren Kate and Georgia driving the boat.

Brad with Law in their matching bathing suits.  

Michele with Law and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth and her Daddy, Trey.

Mandy's patriotic pedi!

Allen, Mr USA, with his Statue of Liberty sunglasses.

Our 4th table centerpieces.  :)

The hosts, Liza and William.

As always, a great time!!!

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