Sunday, August 19, 2012

summer activities

Time to catch up on our summer outside of long weekends!  So, I thought I'd do a list.  :)

1. More trips to Edisto

The last time we went, our friend Alex was in town fishing in the last tournament for the SC Governor's Cup.  We went and hung out at the docks on Friday night and then watched them come in on Saturday.  These boys all have the fishing bug!

2. Visited the new pups 

Banjo on the ramp Dad built for Kallie.  She took some persuading to come up it.  

Kate and Pepper!  They are adorable and have gained half a pound every day Dad has had them.  So, now they have 5 dogs.  Kallie, the Dutch Sheperd, Sadie, the German wire-haired pointer, and Kate and Pepper join Rascal as the other German short-hairs.  I know Dad, Levi and Brad are looking forward to getting them out in the field come bird season.  

I was obsessed!  I taped the coverage all day long and would fast forward through it at night.  And stay up until midnight to watch all the prime time events.  
I even got a celebration injury!  I was fist-pumping after watching Galen Rupp come back to win silver in the 10,000 meter race and hit my elbow on Brad's watch.  This is a few days later and doesn't look like much but it bled like crazy.  GO USA!

4. Visits 

Although Levi is actually further away now, we see him more often on his trips between Athens and Charleston.  Banjo loves having Loki visit!

 5. Football season excitement

We have had a wonderful summer but are super-pumped about fall, football and cooler weather.  Go Dawgs!!

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