Wednesday, September 18, 2013

may recap

These are all out of order but I will recap quickly the last fun things I did before pregnancy sickness took over.  

Ok, technically this is from June.  Our third anniversary wine!  It is still waiting to be opened.  I got the go-ahead today from the doc for a glass so we may try it soon.  I have to say being sick has not made me miss alcohol one bit!  I had Brad buy me some NA beer for football but that craving hasn't even struck me yet.  
Unfortunately, we had a wonderful trip to the Dominican Republic planned for our anniversary that had to be cancelled because I was so sick.  So, hopefully, we can plan a short babymoon somewhere or go next year!

On Mother's Day, Brad and I golfed at Champions.  The first time I have done that since I started working there almost four years ago.  Crazy!  We had celebrated with Mama the day before so we decided to enjoy the nice weather.  I didn't know at the time that that was my first Mother's Day too.  :)

Brad and Mike

Second wedding on that weekend in mid-May.  This was Brad's boss' daughter's (Melissa) wedding.

Geese on the course at Champions.  With gooslings!  Or geeslings?  Her babies.  :)

Liza and William's wedding was on that Friday in mid-May.  Really wish I felt up to partying.

Photobooth fun

Flowers that Mel, Gail, Amber and I did for Liza's reception.  With Brad's help.

Pictures from the 'farewell pontoon' party.  Brad always dresses up for the 4th (when we used the boat most) so he pulled out this outfit.  These jorts are from high school.  And his shirt has Yosemite Sam saying 'just a good ol' boy.'  Classy with the mullet wig and FBI (female body inspector) hat, no?

The crew.  I was so bummed because it POURED outside during the cookout.  Our little house is not really set up for all these folks inside so it was a little wild.  Ha.  Really looking forward to our new house with plenty of space inside and out!!

Spread.  Recipes were posted a while back...

Brad got on the boat and made a toast at the end of the night.  Video below...

The new boat for our new river home.  Not nearly as much fun but good for fishing and hunting.  Of course, Brad ran over something the third time he took it out and messed up the motor.  Hopefully it is an easy fix.  I haven't even been on it yet!

From Melissa's wedding in May.  Excuse the hair - it was humid!

Golfing on Mother's Day

The Pine House for the Vann wedding.  This house has been in Brad's boss' family for forever and has a really cool story.  Melissa and her husband bought it and are fixing it up.  Pretty cool!

The rear of the Pine House with various tents for bars, food and band.  It was beautiful!

We played pool at Bill and Debbie's (soon to be Nana and Papa) in May when Megan and Adi were in town.  The girls won and Brad was none too happy!

More Vann wedding.  Horrible pic but these flowers were amazing!
Video of Brad's toast to the boat!

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