Wednesday, September 18, 2013


In July, we brought home a new dog!!  Because we didn't have enough going on.  Ha.  Sully is adorable and has been a joy.  She gets along really well with Banjo and Banjo has started to play with her for an hour or so each day.  She is very tolerant but gets tired easily.  :)
Sully was 9 pounds when we got her and she is over 25 now.  She should end up the same size as Banjo - about 65.  Housebreaking is going pretty well with only random accidents.  These are older pics and videos.  I will have to do a Sully 2 post soon.
I will say she has been good training for us.  Brad has been doing most of the work!  He's great with her and I know he will be a fantastic Dad!  Although, he is a spoiler.  Surprise.
We got her name from this band we like called Banjo & Sullivan.  Clever huh?  Well, turns out the band was made up for some movie of Rob Zombie's and he produced an album in their name.  But, the name stuck anyway.  Here's their fake (although compelling) backstory...
Brad bathing Sully.  This has only had to happen twice so far!  She made a mess in her crate and was covered in pee.

She will randomly watch what's going on on TV.  She really got into this Braves game one night.  Ha.

As a newborn with her family!

In mid-June, Brad was out of town for 5 days at a golf tourney, so I took a few days off and went home to be taken care of by my family.  That was nice!  After playing with the 6 other VanSant dogs, she was pooped and passed out in Levi's lap. 

Coming back from Thomson.  She was still really tired and posed for lots of photos.  :)

Mom and a friend went to pick her out for us.  The litter was over an hour away so I wasn't up for all the travel.  They did a great job!

First day at home. 

Loves to sleep on her back!


and lots of snuggling!  I told Brad it was a good thing we will have a baby once Sully gets too big to snuggle or I might want another.  Ha. 
She loves the new land!!  Brad has taken her out twice to play and run.  She gets worn out.  :)

Dirty dog...

In the mud

Loves the water, of course.


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