Monday, July 14, 2014

the 4th

As you can imagine, the 4th was a little different this year!  I was in the house most of the time with MV, Liza and Maggie.  I did get an hour to swim and lay out on Friday.  And we spent some time outside in the porch in the mornings.  We ended up coming back Saturday night because we were exhausted.  Brad stayed there and brought the boat back on Sunday.  I only have a few pictures...
Maggie and MV on the play mat.  Maggie wasn't too fond of it.

My sweet little watermelon

In Daddy's silly '706' hat

With Campbell.  She loves MV!

We took both dogs this year.  That was crazy too but so much easier than boarding them or taking them to Thomson.  Cheaper too!  Sully loved the water!

The Chefs (Jay and Eric) preparing BBQ on the wreck tech.

Ducky with Jay

Oh, random.  Brad bought himself a ranger for around the property.  He loves it!  We have nicknamed it branger.  After "brad's ranger' and a dog I had growing up.

Sweet Sully.  I love this picture.  :)

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