Monday, September 22, 2014

mary van at 8 months

man, I have been a bad blogger.  wonder where all my time goes?  ha.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I am trying really hard to document though so here goes...
again, mary van is the sweetest, happiest baby.  even when she has a fever!  she will get a little fussy when she is very sleepy during the day but rocking and a paci will usually quiet her down.  she may bleat for a little while at night but, if so, only for a few seconds.  I know, we are so lucky! 
she is jabbering away!  she says dada a lot!  no mama yet.  :(  lots of nonsense too.
she is such a good eater!  still eating 5 times a day.  twice a day she gets food and she gets rice/oatmeal cereal as well.  her least favorite food is zucchini.  she loves apples, pears, peaches, bananas, avocado, broccoli, sweet potato and carrot.  not so much peas and green beans.
she sleeps from 7:30-8 pm to 6:30-7:30 am.  again, not really sure on her nap schedule.  on the weekends, it is kinda whenever so we haven't made much progress there.  although I did put her in her crib for one yesterday!
she loves to play and has starting throwing her toys.  mostly at the dogs.  haha.  she loves them too though!  she loves bling and people's faces.
now to the pictures...
mv in her cute lady bug smocked romper

such a happy girl

at her 6-month appt.  17 lbs 3 oz.  I think she was 25.5 inches.  she is still right at 50% for both of those but 90% in head circumference.  punkin head.

loving the paper in the doctor's office.  she looks just like uncle levi here!!

little miss destructive.

but hey....

it kept her occupied while we waited.

7 months

I think she may be over the whole sticker thing!

8 months.  bear is not looking so big anymore!!

she passes out every afternoon on the way home.  but she always holds on to this giraffe toy mrs Martha got her.  too funny!

petting sweet banjo

her first big girl bath!

playing with blocks

this picture melts my heart!!

in daddy's ranger

yes, he is already wrapped tight!

crazy hair after a bath


miss priss with her legs crossed

Georgia girls love their dawgs....
and their leg warmers.
I love the legwarmers!  protects her knees and makes diaper changes easier!

more uga gear and leg warmers

and more

sweet uga dawg

and more legwarmers.  :)

with uncle levi and Jennifer

with her lovies

with my sweet baby
(I need to be better about getting pictures of her with us!)

she can spell!

who am i kidding?  she likes to eat blocks; not quite at spelling yet...

in her cute osh kosh overalls


tiny teeth!
you wouldn't even know she was teething.

brushing her teeth and gums.  aunt megan would be proud!


with tensley bowen and maggie dozier.  precious girls!

high-fiving with daddy after beating Clemson.

bb and pap took daddy out for his birthday.  tequila shot and sing-along!

mv enjoyed the music and singing!

brad left me with the house in late july for a golf trip.  his team won for the first time!

so I had the girls and kids over to the house.  the weather was rotten but the company was good!

becca scott and john scoggins

little win scott (so sweet!!)

win loaned mv his lovie

john and win loved bear too!

unfortunately, a good friend lost his mother in august.  there was a celebration of life at indian queen after the service.  mary van wanted to try my yuengling but she is going to have to wait until she is 30.  haha!

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