Wednesday, January 7, 2015

fall/winter 2014

four months to cover so here goes!

mv at her 9 month checkup.  she weighed 19 lbs, 8 oz.  70% i think.  she was 75% in height and 85% in her head.  ha.  she goes back soon for her one-year so i will update then and do a recap of her birthday party!

my sweet grey lady, banjo

she turned 13 in november.  aside from arthritis or a sore muscle in her leg, she is doing great!

a rare family photo.  on the way to the harison wedding.

we finally finished the foyer!  i found a pew and got the pillows from carolina pottery.  i had a hard time finding cushions to fit but finally did on hayneedle.  the coat rack (it's really not crooked although it looks it!) is from a cedar tree from my parent's land - like our mantles.  that sucker was a beast to mount on the studs but we managed to hit four of 8.  haha!

we were able to get to one football game this year.  we didn't renew our season tickets because of the schedule and having mv.  maybe next year!  it was a great game against tennessee and we had great tickets thanks to uncle adi.

mv is crying at my pitiful excuse for her halloween costume.  we didn't do anything for halloween because we were going out of town so i wasn't spending a lot of money for daycare.  i ordered her a little lady bug hat and carapace (shell) but it didn't arrive in time.  oops, mom-fail....

the boys from allen and gail's wedding

the girls

and the group!  not sure what allen said but we all thought it was funny apparently.  :) 

hunt at the peters.radeck wedding.  more photos later on....

lunch with martha!

we hosted the shingler.filipovic group and friends for megan's birthday.  i made my sweet potato ravioli and sela and damir grilled some yummy meats.  the birthday girl with molly.

megan brought mv mickey and minnie from disney world.  she loves them and sleeps with minnie every night!

we went to uncle stan and aunt kelly's lake house for mema's birthday.  another rare family photo!

with mema, uncles stan, scott and jeff

mv at 9 months

mv at 10 months

happy girl

mv at 11 months

i promise to do a post of all the bear pics soon.  i made a banner for her birthday and it took me forever but now the work is done!

my bathing beauty.  look at those lashes!

ok, i never take mv into a bathroom.  but, we were at a car dealership and she needed changing.  so, in we went.  i decided to go to the bathroom too and, lo and behold, they had a chair for her.  how stinking convenient?!  the bathroom stall had its own sink too.  man, i am out of touch.  i don't plan on doing this often but it was so nice that day.  b's truck is too small for all of us so we are in the market for a new one.  we use his truck a lot when hauling dogs to the vansant boarding facility.  :)

this child loves kiwi.  here she is sporting a kiwi seed beauty mark.  :)

she is such a good eater!  she will pick peas out of a casserole and ignore the rest.  or beg for more limas when there is ham on her tray.  not sure where she gets that.  haha!

at blind pig for her inaugural trip to athens.

so ticklish!

in her monkey blanket from bb and pap.  complete with tail.  

she has turned into a butt-in-the-air sleeper.

face plant!

and sleeping propped up...

and head first into the pack n play

bundled up to go shopping.  first time she wore a bow.  the sweater onesie made her look like a boy.

napping with pap

first publix experience.  i usually left her at daycare until i was done at the store but was running late this day.  she has been several times since and behaves very well!

her first school pictures


loving on sully

her thanksgiving outfit.  so stinking cute and reasonable.  i wasn't spending much on an outfit for a weekend.

group shot from the the peters.radeck wedding.  i won't disclose what is happening here.  :)

beautiful bride and entrance

under the oaks at hopeland gardens

with megan and adi


at the sanford sign before the ut game

poor sick girl.  i think this was a double ear infection.  i hate when she is sick but love the snuggles.  

car seat nap with her hand up

steelers-falcons game.  go steelers.  b is a fan of both so he was torn the whole time.  nfl is so different from college!  it's a show for sure...


house(s) divided

the best thanksgiving family photo we got

mv with uncle adi and aunt megan

with daddy at thanksgiving feast at daycare

pretty girl

trying to walk.  she is oh-so-close right now!

thanksgiving outtake

and another.  haha

at the shinglers for dinner
we had brunch in thomson that morning

with papa

and the videos....

our little birdie, eating her cereal...

working those legs

i love this video.  she is having so much fun in her bouncer!

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