Sunday, January 11, 2015

mv is one

I CANNOT believe our sweet angel is one.  We have loved being her parents and can't wait for all that is to come.  I just don't want it to come too fast!

Since her birthday is so close to Christmas and I just got laid off, we decided to do it with family only.  I did a hot chocolate and smores bar with a pink and gold color scheme.  

As usual, these pictures are all out of order.  I am lucky to get these on the blog at all.  :)

Family photo

I took to pinterest for some backdrop ideas.  I just wanted something appropriate for pictures.  I layered plastic tablecloths in front of our fireplace.  Solid gold in the back and then a white one that I cut into strips and semi-braided for some texture.  I made the banner from materials found at hobby lobby - a premade burlap banner and I painted alphabet stickers pink and glued them on the banner.   

The hot chocolate bar.  This crockpot hot chocolate is the bomb!  I offered coffee and water too.

I made the cake!  I am not a baker so I was pretty impressed with myself.  The topper is from the set of stickers as well and I just taped it onto a skewer.  I could not find a cute candle anywhere.  And it's not like she was going to blow it out.  Yellow cake mix with cream cheese frosting that I dyed pink.  White pearls and gold sprinkles completed the look.  It may not look the best but it was delicious!

Brad's Aunt Ellie with MV and Aunt Megan

Reading MV her cards 

Little favor bags with the invitations that didn't get here in time to be mailed.  :)

So, we had all sorts of goodies for hot chocolate and smores....

regular and chocolate graham crackers
milk chocolate, with almonds and cookies n cream hershey's
dark chocolate reese's cups
york peppermint patties
cream mints
peanut butter chips
sea salt caramels
regular, peppermint and french vanilla marshmallows

I placed two sternos in a casserole dish (surrounded by glass marbles) for roasting the marshmallows

Up close of the invitation

Maybe my favorite picture

The tutu is gold, white and pink tulle.  The gold glitter got everywhere so she wore it for these pictures only!
I stenciled the one on her onesie because I couldn't find anything else I liked.  

Sweet face.  Her hair is getting so long!

Uncle Adi took a bite of her cake and then she dove right in.  At first, she was just making a mess.

Uncle Adi and MV selfie.

Sweet animal that plays all kinds of music

With Aunt Megan, Uncle Adi and Uncle Levi

I caught this one right as a balloon popped.

It landed on her foot and she made a little sound but never really cried.  Such a good girl!

She loved the balloons!

Almost time for bows!

Sweet girl giving her daddy a hug

These faces

Crack me up


With Brad's Uncle Ron and Aunt Ellie

Someone was trying to get MV to laugh.  We thought it was really funny anyway.

Pap, Damir, Sela, Papa (Nana was sick and missed!), Aunt Ellie, Uncle Ron, BB, Uncle Levi, Uncle Adi, Aunt Megan

With Sela and Damir

Digging in.  She is a pretty dainty eater so she didn't get that dirty.  Just her hands, face and onesie.  She only had a tiny bit in the hair.  She still got a bath and change of clothes afterwards!

She loved her horse!  This also converts to a chair and desk.  So cool!

Riding with Mickey

With Uncle Levi.  Love this face!!!

Clapping with Uncle Levi

Licking her fingers

With Uncle Adi and Aunt Megan

Brad was in charge of her gift and got her a Minnie Mouse 4-wheeler.  May be the last time I let him do that!  

And video of her eating cake

Here's a video of her photo shoot

She is SO close to walking!

A walker that will help her get there!

Such a happy girl!


Practicing with her walker

A hammering/xylophone combo toy

For the ONE, I got cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby and used the gold glitter spray paint.

Every monthly picture with bear mounted on wide burlap ribbon.  Here's a video of the pictures!

With BB and Pap

With Papa, Pap and BB

And some slo mo videos of Uncle Levi and MV...

We love our families and they LOVE Mary Van!!  What a fun day celebrating our precious one!

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