Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter 2015

Phone camera dump so I can fit more on there. Ha. 
This girl is getting so much hair. It's wild after her baths. 
Picture of me when I was little. MV and I look a lot alike. 
She loves Minnie that aunt Megan brought her from Disney. She snuggles her morning and night. 

She loves kiwi!  She has a kiwi seed beauty mark here. 
In an adorable dress a friend sent her for UGA games. 
Lunch with mrs Martha
Silly faces

Napping with pap

In her cute monkey blanket
Napping with MV. She can sleep anywhere!
Reading at her desk
Big ol' gap between those front teeth!  She has all four front teeth and just sprouted two molars on one side. That last one hurt her. Poor thing. 
See?  She will sleep anywhere. Even her bouncer. 

Here are all of her monthly pictures that I compiled for her birthday party. 

And she is climbing already. This is the Minnie Mouse 4 wheeler that her daddy bought her for her birthday. 
Lots of deer in our backyard!
Clean baby
Baby burrito
She loves eggs!
She is also a yogi. Downward dog all the time. 
Selfie before her one-year appt. 
All laid back (with Maggie) at mellow mushroom celebrating mama's new job. She has leg propped up too. 
We went to sugar mountain in February with the doziers, bowens and beemans. Mel and I didn't do any skiing but it was nice to sit by the fire, read and drink wine for the weekend. :)
It snowed like crazy which made the skiers happy. We did venture into the hot tub one night. And we decided to get out after our hair froze!

This was a great house for us!
Kitchen table
Living room

Pool table

Frozen beards

We also ventured out to hear boss hawg on Saturday play some bluegrass at the lodge. 

Picture in the snow. 

Bb and pap kept MV while we were gone. She is so close to walking!

She loves playing with coasters

She loves her pap

She also loves to unpack the magazine basket

And put her feet on the table

Bb and pap got this backpack so they can take her through the woods. So stinking cute!

Unbeknownst to anyone, the monkey blanket tail was in just the right spot. :)

She loves to drink out of straws

Pap wearing her monkey blanket

All snuggled up

This is an older picture of her holding her bottle

Again in the monkey blanket. With a coaster. 

And again holding her bottle. 

Getting her first dental exam from aunt Megan

In part of her Halloween costume that came late - ladybug hat. 

Her hair is so long but bows and headbands don't last in her hair. 

Getting ready for a ride on her trike

The many faces of Mary Van

At the fish store. 

Playing dress up

And making a mess

Brad and I went to frog hollow for an early valentines dinner. Yummy. 

An old-fashioned and a tea hive. Love a fun cocktail before dinner. 

B got a ribeye and I got the spare ribs. We also had the Mac and cheese lasagna. To start, we had the apple carpaccio salad which is my favorite. I got the goat cheese and lemon cheesecake to go. 

All dressed up. This is a rare occasion nowadays. Ha. 

MV snuggling with bb on the back porch swing. 

Asleep at bb and pap's with her feet hanging out of the crib. 


Blowing a kiss. 

Clean baby. 

This child is a bottomless pit. I read somewhere children should eat 1/4 of an adult. Uh, not this one. 

Found this photo of her and aunt Megan from the hospital. So little!

My new favorite show - how to get away with murder - wine and a fire. Good night!

Still snuggling with Minnie

Making a face with papa. 

She loves this thing!
Slo mo video
When she was teething, she would work her tongue in and out of her mouth and make the cutest sounds. 
Dancing with pap
Making a mess
Selfie video
Ticklish girl
And she is feeding herself!
On her trike

In her bouncer
Her silly faces
She has such a funny crawl. It's one foot and the other leg turned sideways. 

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