Monday, November 9, 2015

fall 2015

Mary Van had a busy social calendar for Halloween.  She had Kate's birthday party, then we had a UGA.UF party (blah) in Riverwood followed by trick-or-treating.  She had Chip's birthday party on Sunday but had a fever so we kept her at home.  Turns out she had bronchial pneumonia!  Poor thing...

Our little ladybug hitting the houses.  She figured out the ropes really quickly.

with tensley 'batgirl' bowen

bobbing for apples

with caroline rud.  caroline's mama is good friends with aunt megan!


at kate's party

for school on friday, she was a cheerleader

fall school pics

mickey and minnie at the doctor's office

helping daddy drive the ranger

we went to steed's dairy and she got to feed the pony.  she loved that thing!

oh hey

with the goat

and cow

she was over taking pictures

going down the big slide with daddy

pure joy!

she started 'teeter tots' at hayden's gym.  it took her a while but she loves it, especially when bb comes too! 

the balance beam

with aunt megan and uncle adi at aunt megan's birthday dinner

sela, damir, bb, pap, nana, and papa were there too.  fun night!

she is so content to color.  i love it!

helping with dinner

and sweeping

had to take a picture with this cute little scene at daycare.  she didn't want to smile and had scratched her cheek the day before.  oh well.

eye black and all - go dawgs!

go dawgs

this pose

sitting in her old car seat

we went to the library one day and she had a ball!  maybe too much fun, as she didn't want to leave and ran around screaming.  oops.  

pulled every book off of the shelf

more teeter tots.  she likes going in the foam pit but hates getting stuck in there.  haha.

her star student board at school.  i had such a hard time picking pictures.  :)

driving the cart through publix

an afternoon of fetch with the dogs.  SO MUCH FUN!

an after-school picnic dinner

this curl.  i had to look up that nursery rhyme.  i had no idea it was actually a poem but longfellow!

celebrating mema's birthday in athens with uncle jeff, uncle scott, aunt kelly and uncle stan
bb and pap too!

she loves to paint also!

celebrating labor day at the lake with bb and pap

she loves pickles - just like her mama!

she got wet kayaking so she went pantless.  and with a cape.  

i think she had fun for a little while anyway

she tries to imitate us raising our eyebrows but just blinks most of the time.  then she got it!

last pool day until next summer!

she loves to unzip bear's onesie so i stuck her in there one day

not so happy

legs crossed while she plays

we went to st simons for a girls trip in late august.  mary van racked up at the bailey boys outlet

we stayed in this precious little house with the perfect pool

mandy, amber, liza, melanie, me and michelle


got to visit with the scoggins and scott families for the boys birthdays

our little sprite


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