Saturday, January 30, 2016

Holidays 2015

Since finding out in October that I was pregnant with number 2, we have laid pretty low. I'm not nearly as sick as last time, thanks to new meds, but still pretty weak and nauseous.
Thanksgiving lunch with our babe at daycare!
Thanksgiving was a low-key affair at our house with the VanSants because Nana and Papa were out of town and Adi was due to have back surgery. Looking back, I don't guess I took one picture!
MV was obsessed with Santa this year. She didn't even really understand what he did but just saw him everywhere!
Because I was sick I didn't do much decorating or taking of cute pictures. Of course, my main subject was not very cooperative. This was after Polar Express pj day at daycare.
BB and Pap bought this large storage/playhouse and converted the front half into a kitchen for her. Too cute!
Complete with carpet and curtains!
BB, Pap and Uncle Levi came over on Christmas Eve for our traditional seafood gumbo and spent the night for MV's Christmas morning. She got a lot of fun things - kitchen, books, clothes and toys.
We then went to the Shinglers for Christmas dinner with the whole crew!
Love Christmas cards. Our decorations may have stayed up well into January since they went up so late.
I got her this precious pea coat but she did not want anything to do with it. Maybe because it was 80 degrees outside.
Ditto with this precious bear cowl BB made for her
The only time she has been interested in TV -frozen.
So sweet laying with Banjo and playing with her barn animals. Her PB chair was a Christmas gift from Nana and Papa.
She loved to run over everyone's feet with her old-school popper.
We both donned our new rain boots to go see how high the river was on New Year's Eve.
Really high!
We went to the Bowen's to celebrate and watch football. MV and I came home after the first game.
With Emerson, Ann and Tensley.
She is not the best sharer
Sweet girls - Ann, Kate and Tensley
It was a great 2015! Looking forward to 2016!!

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