Tuesday, June 14, 2016

worth william shingler

We were blessed with our sweet son, Worth William, on Tuesday, June 7 at 1:13 pm. His name comes from my mother's maiden name (Bloodworth) and Brad's dad - William (bill).
*delivery details - feel free to skip!*
I was due on June 5 (our anniversary) and decided that I wasn't going 8 days over my due date like I did with Mary Van. The Tuesday before my due date I was 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced so we thought he would come any day. We set an induction for June 7 just in case. I was having a lot of contractions all week and through the weekend but not at consistent intervals.
We went back to the doctor on Monday, June 6 and I was 3 cm and still 50%. So, we went to the hospital at 6 on Tuesday morning. After the usual hurry up and wait, we got settled in the delivery room. One of mom's former students was my nurse and she was great. With Mary Van, my bp bottomed out from the epidural and I was throwing up and needed oxygen for the few hours before and through labor. I also had the shakes like crazy after delivery. Katie, the nurse, was able to manage those reactions really well! The anesthesiologist administered the epidural slowly and we gradually cranked it up. I did have about 45 minutes of feeling really woozy but Katie gave me some ephedra via IV and it worked really quickly to bring my bp back up. She gave zofran once labor was imminent to keep the nausea at bay as well. (I was still throwing up that morning as we got ready to leave for the hospital.)
Dr Joseph came in around 9 to break my water. I'm having a hard time remembering but I think we did the epidural next. He started it slow and it took a while to start working so we bumped up the doseage. That's when I got a little woozy but the ephedra kicked in quickly once I got it. Then I think we did the lowest level of pitocin. Around 11, I was already up to 8 cm. I was 10 cm at 12:30. Dr j came in at 1 and worth was here at 1:13. I pushed 3-4 times each through 4 contractions. And didn't feel a thing! ;)
He was 8 lbs, 11 oz and 22 inches with a full head of dark hair. I was not expecting him to be that big!! They had to do his footprints on an angle for the birth records because they wouldn't fit! The pediatrician said that any baby over 8.5 lbs is considered large and that's in the 5% percentile.
Because of his size, he had low blood sugar and a low temp. They got his temp regulated pretty quickly but he had to have a formula supplement because my milk wasn't getting him enough calories. We were able to sleep well the first night because they kept him to feed him. Otherwise, I was nursing and giving him 2 oz of high calorie formula until Sunday. His blood sugar has improved since my milk came in but we go to doctor today to confirm. He was 8 lbs, 7.5 oz on Friday so his weight is good and he should be back up to birth weight today.
*update - his weight is not up but down. :( blood sugar was good however. we go back tomorrow to meet with the actual doctor (instead of practitioner) to get a plan in place and answers. We are supplementing again and feeding every two hours but he hates the formula and throws up a lot.*
*update #2 - I feel so much better after meeting with the pediatrician. I was pretty hormonal and emotional yesterday. Worth had gained 1.5 oz since yesterday. They weighed him and then I nursed before they weighed him again. He took 2.5 oz from me and the doctor was very happy about that. We stopped the formula since he hates it and I am feeding on demand. He said you don't want to see babies his age lose weight but was happy with his blood sugar and today's numbers. Hopefully they continue in that direction this weekend. We go back Monday for another weight check.*
Selfie after the epidural and before delivery. Bliss. :)
He's here!
Happy daddy
Big, hairy boy!
A resident, Katie and dr Joseph. Great team!

With bb
With pap
With uncle Levi
Aunt Megan and uncle Adi were tending cousin Wyatt so we will all get together over the 4th
Sweet snuggles
With MV and papa
MV is so sweet with worth. She wants to help with him and kiss him all the time. I love it.
With nana and papa
With Sela and Damir
Chilling with pap
Seriously wide-eyed and picking up his head the day after he was born.
And he has hairy legs! I feel like (nerd alert) Zeus when Athena sprang from his head fully formed. He is so big and is so developed. I asked the doctor if he thought my due date was figured incorrectly. Ha.
Sweet Mary Van. She may love worth but she has started acting out a little more since we've been home. I'm sure that is to be expected. She has moved upstairs to her big girl room and bed, is being potty-trained and has moved up to a new class at daycare which requires her to lose her paci during naps. Plus a baby brother after mama and daddy being in the hospital for days. All in the last two months. So we are working on trying to discipline her and manage her tantrums. Fun!
Sweet kiss
Mommy's little helper

Headed home!
We are home! We had to wait a while on dr Joseph to do his circumcision so it was almost 5 on Thursday before we left. Brad was ready. He hates the hospital couch and didn't get any sleep. I told him I would swap with him. No sleep for the last nine months or the next three (at least). ;)
Helping put lotion on his feet
Baby burrito
Lap full of love
He loves his mama roo!

i think worth looks just like his sister did.  his nose is a little more upturned and he has more hair but otherwise, they are very similar as babies.  here are some of her...

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