Monday, May 23, 2016

pregnancy #2

So, this pregnancy has been better than with Mary Van.  I was sick right at 4 weeks and knew what that meant!  I got on some different medicine this time (diclegis and phenergan instead of just Zofran) and I think that has helped a lot.  I started out taking 4 diclegis a day but you have to take it on an empty stomach so that was tough.  I tried to cut back my dosage but got uber-sick so I knew the meds were working.  I still have rough mornings and evenings but the new meds and my past experience helped me handle it a little better.  I was able to work through the bad months this time instead of being bed-ridden. 
I do think my fatigue is much worse.  I feel so faint just getting up off the couch.  And I feel like my nausea has lasted longer.  I am not sure if I really do feel worse at this point than with Mary Van or if I just felt SO bad with her the first 6 months that the last three were ok in comparison.  I don't have the light sensitivity or dry eyes that I had with her.  I do have oiler skin and hair so I was pretty sure it was a boy (higher testosterone levels) from the beginning.  I have had much more trouble with swollen ankles this time.  It was actually worse the last month or two than now; I try to sit as much as possible.  My nose is much more stopped up and bloody as well.  Ugh. 
I am bigger and carrying higher this time than I did with Mary Van.  I have included some comparison pictures below.  At 36 weeks, they were guessing Worth is 6.5 lbs with lots of hair.  I have the heartburn to prove it.  (Lots of Nexium, Tums and Alka Seltzer chews) Mary Van was 7 lbs 14 oz so an 8-pounder is not out of the question.  She had a fair amount of hair also but my heartburn is way worse this time.  I cannot eat anything but bread at 6 for dinner.  If I try to eat something different or later in the evening, I have the worst reflux all night and cannot sleep a wink.  Of course, sleep is pretty elusive at this point anyway. 
I had a bad stomach bug at 35 weeks and had to be hospitalized because I couldn't keep anything down and got dehydrated.  I had one with MV too but managed to get myself healthy.  This time, nothing was working.  We went in on a Monday about 5 but they couldn't find veins due to my loss of fluid.  3 hours later, I still felt sick.  They moved my IV (ouch) and kept me overnight because Worth's pulse was up over 200 as well.  I have a swollen thyroid gland and they wanted to do blood work on that also.  That all came out ok and hopefully swelling will go away after he is here.  I was able to eat and got more energy on Tuesday after 3.5 bags of fluid.  I don't recommend getting the stomach bug while pregnant.  :(
Sonogram from 20 week appt.  I cannot wait to see how much (or not) Worth looks like Mary Van.
He didn't really cooperate at the 36 week appointment.  You can see hands and feet in front of his profile. 
19 weeks
20 weeks with Mary Van
(I was so sick with her that I lost 15 lbs those first few months)
20 weeks with Worth
20 weeks at MV's birthday and Worth's reveal
25 weeks
(at the sprinkle with our sweet family, Megan is 28 weeks here)
27 weeks
(Megan came to stay while the workers stained their finished basement; she is 30 weeks here)
28 weeks
(St Patrick's Day)

28 weeks with Mary Van
32 weeks
(in Athens to celebrate Uncle Levi's PhD)
35 weeks

38 weeks
(excuse the work bathroom)

40 weeks with Mary Van

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