Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blue Highway

We were lucky enough last night to go to see Blue Highway at the Imperial. I am dogsitting again so these tickets came from Mom and Dad. They have season tickets to the Southern Soul and Song series that is put on by the Morris Museum. I think Brad and I will have to get these next year because we have had a blast at both shows.

This was the opening band - the Kenny and Amanda Smith Band. They can pick!!! The speed at which they played was amazing!

This is Blue Highway. They have been playing together for 15 years! That is incredible in this industry. Their dobro player has been the winner of best dobro player by the Intl Bluegrass Music Association for 11 years running - the most by any solo artist. This is a shot of them performing Someday a capella. Story, words and video below. Unbelievable!!
Shot of the entire band.
Someday was written by the guitar player's ex-wife's aunt as her own eulogy. Tim gave it a melody and they performed it on an album. Here are the words:
Some day when my last line is written
Some day when I've drawn my last breath
When my last words on Earth have been spoken
And my lips are sealed in death
Don't look on my cold form in pity
Don't think of me as one dead
It will just be the house I once lived in
My spirit by then will have fled
I'll have finished my time here allotted
But I won't be in darkness alone
I will have heard from heaven
The summons to come on home
And when my body is in the grave
Don't think that I'll be there
I won't be dead but living
In the place Jesus went to prepare
And after all is said and done
Know that my last earnest prayer
Was that my loved ones be ready
Some day to meet me there
See it performed here. It's worth the click - promise!

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