Saturday, January 23, 2010

The house on Switzer

Since it is getting closer to being finished, I thought I would share pictures of Brad's (soon to be our) house! It is so cute but definitely needs some more work. I am sure it will never be done to my complete satisfaction. : )

Brad can't wait for spring to get here so he can do all the landscaping. The house was added onto about 7 years ago by the master carpenter that lived here. He laid hardwood floors, added the master suite and living room and did all the kitchen cabinets.

Sweet Banjo! She loves the backyard.

This is the 3rd bedroom that we will use as the office. We have to finish putting things on the wall and get another bookcase. There is a daybed in here as well that can be used for additional guests.

Master bedroom. Again, we need to do lots in here. We hope to get a king bed and bring Brad's bedroom suite from Westlake over. So, we have put off getting things on the wall. But, we have tons of space to work with so that is nice.

It is hard to take complete pictures of rooms! This room was added so it is large for an older house. Brad did the hardwoods in here and the living room himself. Love the vaulted/tray ceilings in both too!

Master bath that was added as well. Double vanity and garden tub. Again, love the space for an older house. I wanted to paint this at first but it has grown on me. But, I have registered for a new shower curtain and towels. My old ones clash!

Living room. This one is just about done to my liking!

We will get a flat screen eventually to go between the bookcases and move that trunk to the foot of our bed probably.

Kitchen. Note the wooden countertops and cabinets. This is right off a small foyer inside the front door. See my corkboard next to the fridge? I have been saving those for years and glued them up to cardboard - so I wouldn't destroy the paint. That space is ideal! I have finished so I need to get a better picture up. Since the fridge is stainless and magnets don't stick to the front, it is perfect for invitations, pictures, etc.

Hallway leading from dining room to rear of the house. Office on right, guest bath on left. Second bedroom at end of hall and master suite to the left.

Guest bedroom. This was an addition as well but we left the carpet since Banjo won't be in here at all. Again, this needs lots of work. We will move Brad's queen bed in once I move out of Westlake.

Guest bathroom. I want to paint this a lighter blue to match the towels and curtain I have in there now. Love the beadboard!

Dining room. This room is huge and was really empty until we moved the bookcases from Westlake. We need to get a bigger dining room table and a bar for this room too though.
But, it is coming along and I hope you get to see it soon!!

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