Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy birthday to me

For my birthday last Thursday, we went to Cadwallader's for dinner with the fam. I haven't been here since high school but it was amazing! Definitely going back soon. : )

We had crab cakes and shrimp and grits for appetizers. I had the seafood risotto for dinner. Brad and Levi had the bison steak, Mom steak and Dad flounder. Yum!
On Friday, we went to dinner with my two high school best friends, their husbands and another Thomsonite, Ryan Hemphill, at Bistro 491. This is Martha's husband, Win. She will kill me for posting this but he is a nut and we laughed all night long!! Don't you love the wine label wallpaper. I should do that in the kitchen to match my wine corkboard!

With Natalie and Martha. Love these girls!

With Natalie. Had to get a shot of my trying-to-be-hip outfit. : )

My sweetie!!

Dessert. It was yum - a smores-type thing. As far as the other food that night, it was not as good as Cadwallader's. It seemed most everyone's was a little overcooked - trout for me and pork or steak for the others. But, the flavor was great and I love the atmosphere at Bistro. Plus, the company was the best!!

Here is everyone. Can't wait to do it again!

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Maricar said...

Happy birthday Jami.
I loved seeing the family picture. You and Levi have both "grown up" so much since I last saw you (ahem) 9 years ago! :)
I'll have to keep checking back to see wedding plans materialize!
Take care!