Monday, June 21, 2010

Honeymoon - Cap Maison

After three nights up in the mountains (see below, Ladera), we went across the island to Cap Maison. This place was amazing as well. It was different in that it had A/C (upstairs) and a beach. We were spoiled with the view and our own pool at Ladera for sure though.

The entrance to our abode.
The beach was cool. Small and private. We staked out some chairs under an umbrella and chilled. We did go snorkeling and that was really cool. We went out maybe 20 feet on one side before we started seeing fish. We saw some cuddlefish, a blowfish, tangs, parrotfish and lots of sea urchins. I was impressed it was that abundant right there at the beach.

A shot from kitchen into the living room. We had great views over the ocean on both balconies. Upstairs was the master suite.
Kitchen. Downstairs was not air-conditioned so we weren't down there much. Except to enjoy breakfast on the veranda.
Rain coming in from Martinique.

Beach shot from our lofty perch under the umbrella!
A private dining area that you can rent. Your food and drink goes down on a zip line. Pretty cool!


A hammock they had hanging over the reef. We never did go try it out. : (
A view from our lunch spot.

Our shower upstairs. Very Spanish.

Our bedroom. With A/C!!

A view of the pool from lunch. Very refreshing!!

Piton on the beach.

We had a jacuzzi on the upstairs balcony. Not quite a pool but it was nice nonetheless.

Beach from our balcony.

View from the restaurant out towards reception. This place is only 1.5 years old. It is a Preferred property, as was Kiawah, so I knew it would be nice.

View from the beach of the bar and our room.

Another balcony view.

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