Monday, June 21, 2010

The Shinglers

So, now it is back to real life. While not St Lucia, it is still exciting. We have been busy getting settled and putting everything in its proper place. Our house is already too small. : )
We added a king bed and large tv this past weekend. We will order a dining room table and server tomorrow.
I think this is some sort of hibiscus. It is growing right out our front door. Beautiful!!

This is the mess we made opening gifts on Saturday when we returned to Augusta. Geez...

If you were at the wedding, you remember these bottles that guests signed instead of a guestbook. We opened and drank this Dom on Saturday. We will open and drink 'Big Red One' on our 1st anniversary.
We went to dinner with Megan this past Saturday at Pizza Joint. Here Brad is showing her his grill. He has some fake front teeth from a soccer mishap (I think) and she was checking out Dr. Allgood's latest spruce-up. Dr. Shingler approved!!
I am thinking of changing the blog title to 'Shingler's List.' What do you think???

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