Monday, June 21, 2010

Honeymoon - Ladera

Ah, this makes me miss St. Lucia. Good ol' Augusta, GA just doesn't compare. : )
Ok, so we left the wedding and went to Atlanta for Saturday evening. We stayed at the Westin at the airport (thanks Alex) and got up early to catch the shuttle Sunday morning. That flight was definitely a honeymoon flight. All the guys were fiddling with their new wedding rings - including Brad!

This is the view that greeted us in our room. We had an open-air room with views of the Piton Mountains. Simply amazing!
Our evening entertainment was watching these lizards eat their dinner.

This is a view from our lunch table.

Brad's margarita.

A panoramic view from lunch.

Piton is the local beer. Yum.

Our own personal plunge pool. We want one in our backyard now. Ha!

A view from our living room out to the Pitons.

Rainy lunch. It was their rainy season but the showers lasted 5-10 minutes max. We were in the rainforest so what do you expect?

Rubber tree that was right out our window.

Upstairs shower. We were upgraded to a villa that was 2 1/2 floors with two bed and bathrooms. This one was completely open. The water pressure was run by gravity from the rainforest though so it wasn't so great!

The ONLY picture of us while on the honeymoon. Silly. This one was taken by our pool boy. Or the guy that restocked our fridge with Pitons. I can't remember.

View with a room.

They gave us waterguns to keep the birds away. Here's Brad doing his best James Bond impression.

This is a door from the main pool and bar/restaurant that led right to our room. Loved it! We had an old skeleton key to use with it.

This little guy came by to visit a few times. Brad finally tortured him enough with his photoshoot that he stayed away.

Our dining area on the 1 1/2 floor.

The conch faucet in the downstairs bathroom. So cool!

Brad and his cigar. He had a few on this trip...

Cheeseburger in paradise.

This guy loves blue drinks. Something about Clark Griswald always drinking them in the 'Vacation' movies. He likes them better if they are on fire but that was a no go...
The upstairs bedroom. Although the view was better downstairs, this net was better and we could get air flowing more upstairs. There was no A/C but it wasn't too bad!
Upstairs bath.
We did venture out to the mineral baths one day. It was warm though so we weren't there long.

Entrance to baths. The spring is actually around the corner so they truck this water in every day. Or, so they say...

Downstairs shower.

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