Saturday, February 26, 2011


Last Friday, we celebrated Dad's retirement from GA Department of Natural Resources.  There were about 80 people that joined us to celebrate at the Thomson Depot.  He's been with the state for over 30 years and half of those he has been the regional supervisor.  There were friends from college, his boss from Sapelo and his old one from Thomson, employees from across the state and family!
 Dad's mother and two of his brothers.  It was great to have them there!  Levi was presenting a paper in Kentucky and couldn't make it.  :(
 One of Dad's old biologists drew this sketch of his old hunting dog, Bandit.  He did such a good job!
Daddy got a shotgun!  He has been after a new one for a while so the guests and his region got one as his retirement gift.  He was so excited!

I gave a little speech and slide presentation...

when i started thinking about what i wanted to say tonight, of course, the usual things came to mind. i wanted to thank my dad for supporting, along with mom, our family for 33+ years. providing for us to do the things we enjoy and for our educations. i wanted to mention his dedication, pride and passion for this profession and organization. hard-working and loyal come to mind as well. to work for an organization for 30+ years is rare these days and i can say he truly enjoyed every minute of it. well, maybe besides working on the budget. :)

but, all of you here know my dad and know all of these things already. so, i decided to share some lessons that he has taught levi and me through the years.

 how to share.  i also learned this day not to get my ponytail caught in the fishing reel.
 to promote hunter safety
 to train killer whales
He taught us to be dawgs.

 to charm the President.

to get proof of the big catch
 and to lie about the little ones
 the importance of education

 to appreciate nature's beauty
 to be water babies
 to take advantage of child labor  (someday!)

Since Levi wasn't able to be there, he sent a video.  I am not sure if this will work but he talked of his early aspirations of being a cowboy during the week and a wildlife biologist like Dad on the weekend.  And how much he learned tagging along with him and how Dad's career is influencing Levi's.

It was a great night celebrating a long and wonderful career!! 

And the toast I gave:

to dogs in the field, birds in the bag and fish on the hook!


Caroline said...

oh jami - those pictures are priceless! what a neat idea - i know your dad loved it.

Rebecca said...

Vic is blessed with a good career and a wonderful family. What a nice tribute to great guy!

levi said...

Great post! and nice job on the slide show...