Saturday, February 26, 2011


Some of you know that we lived on Sapelo Island right after I was born.  This small barrier island is inhabited by state employees and the island's plantation's original slave descendents only.  (If you read the link, you will see Cornelia Bailey's name.  She is an island expert/business owner and babysat me and my brother while Dad worked for DNR and Mom did research at UGA's marine lab there.)  My Dad started his employment with GA DNR (with whom he just retired) here and we spent a few years living on our own private island.  I don't remember those years but we did go back to visit friends and camp throughout our growing-up years.  It is so beautiful and unspoiled! 

Anyway, Brad and I had dinner at Frog Hollow Tavern last Thursday as a semi-Valentine's dinner and look what was on the menu!

Pretty cool huh?!?

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