Wednesday, March 30, 2011

avett brothers

One of my favorite bands was in town on Sunday - The Avett Brothers!!!  They have been here many times in the past (and in much smaller venues) but it was all before I moved here. 

If you don't know the Avett Brothers, you may recognize them from the Grammys.  They performed with Mumford and Sons (another fave of mine, from across the pond) and Bob Dylan. 

 They did not disappoint!  Very energetic and commanding.  The long-haired Asian cellist was hysterical. 

 Even when the two brothers did a duet, the entire audience was entranced.  They were so humble and you can tell they love what they do!

The opener was Langhorne Slim.  He was pretty cool too.  Brad LOVED him!

Here is a video of my favorite newish song of theirs - Head Full of Doubt.  They performed this at the Grammys.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

If they are in a town near you, GO!

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