Sunday, March 13, 2011

mike & blake

Here are pictures from Mike & Blake's rehearsal dinner and wedding.  Such fun!

Matt giving his toast.  Rivers, Travis and Matt were all well-behaved.  :)

Jay and Beth at the rehearsal dinner.

Brad and me at the reception.

The country club puts out hot chicken in the grill at 2:30 so Trey went and got some for the guys.  Ha.

With Liza, Michele, Beth and Michelle after the newlyweds left in their 1968 Camaro Super Sport.
Mike and Blake!

Brad and me at the rehearsal dinner. 

Jay and Beth at wedding reception.

With Jennifer at the reception.  She was my date to the wedding since Brad was a reader.  :)

Matt and Mandy at the rehearsal dinner. 

And with a server at the reception. 

With Michele - Mom of Hal and Elizabeth, frequent blog kiddos. 

With Michelle and Liza.
Cutting the cake.  I love Blake's reflection in the mirror but hate it is so dark.

Mike and Blake at the rehearsal dinner. 
Trey and Michele.

Trey, Eric and Brad

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