Monday, September 19, 2011


On Friday, we built our first fire in the firepot!!!  It's been there for a year - 'bout time, huh?

Adi (who played football at Furman) made Brad burn a GA Southern coozie we had at the house.  Ha.  It burned too fast for me to capture it though.  Who knew?

Megan and Adi were in town so we went to Bonefish with Sela, Damir, Bill and Debbie.  Bang bang shrimp!  I closed my eyes but wasn't about to have the server take another picture. 

Enjoying the firepot.  Mom and Dad were at a concert earlier but stopped by on the way back to Thomson.  We were only missing Levi!

Not sure what is going on here.  I think Brad is envious of Adi's conditioner or something. 

Then, when I called him out, he said "what?" and everyone laughed.  Good times...

I also had my first wipe out from Banjo.  Combine these (new, cute) shoes... 

with this crazy dog...

and the uneven stone around the firepot and you get Jami on her butt.  I didn't spill my drink though.  Ha!

Banjo was running around the yard like a crazy person and, trying to get out of her way, I stepped right in her way.  Oh well.  I still love her.  :)

The fire was a huge success and we can't wait to use it again!

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