Tuesday, September 27, 2011

sigh of relief

I debated whether to share this or not.  Well, I use the term 'share' loosely since only about 5 people read this.  :)

But, I thought it would be nice to get off my chest and therapeutic to write about.  

I have been having problems with congestion for years and been working with an ENT for the last year or so to try to figure that out.  After reflux medicine and allergy shots, I am still having issues.  So, I decided to open my wallet and get a CT of my sinuses two weeks ago.  That was clear, of course.  However, later that week, an ENT nurse called and informed me that I had a calcification of my pineal gland - in my brain.  Yep, scary.

So, I scheduled an MRI for last Friday to rule out anything serious.  As you can imagine, all the worst things were running through my (possibly diseased) brain.  Now, obviously, I had wonderful support from my family but you talk about feeling alone...  They were going through it with me but it was happening TO me, you know?   That sounds selfish but I can't describe it any other way.  

After fretting and trying to be positive for a week and a half, I got the results today - normal.  SO relieved and thankful. I am also feeling empathy for all those that get different results. 

I thank God for keeping me calm (if you can call it that) and guiding me through this.  And for my health.  I tell ya what, congestion doesn't seem like a such big deal anymore.  :)

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