Tuesday, December 27, 2011

80s christmas

The Trotters, Dunstans and Rigsbys hosted an 80s Christmas party a few weeks ago.  It was rad!  :)  Some folks came over beforehand to preparty.

Brad went for the GNR look and I went for the Footloose look.  His mullet cracked me up all night!  My dress was $15 at Goodwill - a steal.

Eric was a British rocker and Mel a groupie.

Gail and Allen

Liza and William

The girls.  Don't you love my Keds? 

Allen drinking out of the moose cups made famous by Christmas Vacation.  They were a huge hit!  Jennifer bought the whole set - love it!

With Blake.  Isn't her jumpsuit classic?

Mike and Blake.  His uncle actually wore this to a prom in the 80s!

Brock, doing his best Cousin Eddie.

The 6-pack of Busch is pretty awesome too.  I am loving those shoes though.

Eric and Brad rocking out.  They had a great soundtrack for the party.

The guys.

With Jennifer and Michele.  This was actually Jennifer's middle school formal dress. 

Jennifer and Michelle with Eric.

Jennifer tried on Brad's wig and sunglasses.  This is awesome!

Brad with John.  Although they don't look too much alike dressed like that!

With Kathi.

Michele found a wig and some glasses too.  Ha.

Eric jamming.

We had a great time!!  Still enjoy dressing up.  :)

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