Tuesday, December 27, 2011

christmas decor

Got a lot of catching up to do!  Here are some pictures I took of the house all decorated.  I really got the decorating bug this year.  I always love it but I was tasked with decorating Champions also.  You would think that would make me sick of it but not so much.  :)  We hired our superintendent's wife to help and she goes ALL out.  That wore off on me for sure...

dining room table.  i just layered greenery, gold ball ornaments and pinecones in my tall vases.  i had them filled to the top but it did settle some.  the lantern is filled with walnuts and cranberries.  love the burlap ribbon i tied on top!  i added the gold pinecone ornaments in the greenery later but am not sure i like them.

i added a small tree in the front window of the dining room.  champions' decor is all very natural and woodsy so i wanted the same thing in my house.  i love the leaf ornaments on this tree - and the ribbon!

the nativity granny made.

tree!!  look at all the presents.

with sweet banjo!

i bought this lenox table runner at tuesday morning but it was too short to use on the table.  so, i repurposed it for the table to tv sits on.  i think it's perfect!

i bought these matte white balls at hobby lobby and couldn't decide what to do with them.  this candy garland used to go on my tree but i don't have enough anymore and bought some red and gold garland last year.  so, the matte white balls and garland found themselves in this glass dish with some silver.  we'll see if it stays that way next year...

i have already purchased a lot of decor on sale for next year.  yay!!

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