Saturday, December 10, 2011

holiday party

Monday night, we had our management-level Christmas dinner at Bonefish.  Afterwards, everyone came over to our house for dessert and drinks.  I figured this was the best opportunity to have them over since they were already in Richmond County.  Not many of them venture out of Columbia County much.  :)

Of course, no one was hungry for dessert.  That was eaten at work over the next couple of days.  The drinks were popular though.  These are all pinterest recipes.  Notice a trend?

These are so good and pretty easy to make.  Do heed her advice and roll them twice in the powdered sugar.

A maz ing.  For some reason, my crust mixture was very wet.  It worked okay for the bottom layer but would not have rolled out for the top.  So, I just spooned it on top and spread it with a greased spatula as best I could.  However, this did not impact the taste at all.  A few people partook that night and it was gone by lunch the next day!

This was great!  I couldn't find cloudy apple juice and my regular worked just fine.  It is just one cup of apple juice, one cup of cranberry juice, 50 ml vodka (all mixed in blender) and then topped with one cup of ginger ale and ice.  I am not sure the blender action made much difference so if you are pushed for time, I would eliminate it.  This is a teeny bit of vodka so you could always increase that too.  Ha.  I ended up tripling the recipe and it was all gone. 

This was really yummy too.  Just a bottle of white wine, 3 cans of Sprite and a few ounces of orange-flavored liqueur.  I used triple sec because it's what we had but grand marnier would work too.  Garnish with pomegranate seeds and lime wheels.  I cut the limes over the sangria (and let the juice fall in) in order to infuse a little more flavor. 

This was all pretty easy and very good!  I did most of this the night before since we would be at dinner right before folks came over.  I just reheated the pie and added the carbonated beverages to the drinks. 

I also had to have the house fully decorated by then!  I made it and will post those pictures later.  :)

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