Sunday, January 15, 2012


For New Year's, we spent the weekend at Champions Retreat.  I got an SLR camera from Brad for Christmas so I took some time while the guys were golfing to take some photos.  I love this camera!  I still need to take a class and do some more reading but hope I can master this thing soon. 

With Melanie and Natalie

Brad with Preston and Eric

We took it easy for New Year's.  I made some dips and chili, we watched football and watched the fireworks.  The Dunstans, Rigsbys and Trotters were there too for the Club party so we got to see them as well.  Welcome 2012!

Just messing around with my camera. I caught Banjo mid-sneeze.  That sucker is fast!

Love this magazine.  I have been getting it since the first issue.  The camera takes such sharp pictures. 

Trying to figure out depth, etc on my camera.  Hopefully, this gift will upgrade the blog!!

Last weekend, we went to go see Steve and Michelle's new addition - Ann Ferguson.  She is adorable!!

Saturday was my birthday!  We were supposed to go to Charleston but I got a gnarly cold on Friday.  So, we cancelled our trip and Brad helped me heal up.  Maybe we can go next weekend. 

I hope to get back into a groove with cooking and updating soon.  Happy 2012!!

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