Sunday, February 19, 2012

flat creek lodge

This weekend, Brad and I went to Flat Creek Lodge in Swainsboro.  We had a Groupon that we wanted to use in March but this weekend was the only one they had open.  Good thing because the weekend I had in mind for March, we have a wedding.  Oops. 

Martha and Win joined us for dinner because they live close.  Flat Creek actually used to be private and they were members and got engaged there. 

front gate

copper on gazebo over pond
(why are my pictures doing this??)

back of lodge

japanese bath house

black swans

brad on the deck outside our room

we took a golf cart all over on saturday morning


dairy.  they make their own cheese.  yum!

we sat out by the fire for several hours on friday night with the scotts

vehicles that they use for hunting and fishing on the 2000 acres

dining room

fire tower that guests can climb.  no thanks. 

fish on front gate

front of lodge with 12 rooms and meeting rooms

game room

we went fishing on saturday afternoon.  i snagged this teeny guy but we threw him back.  :)

ducks enjoying the rain on saturday night.  loved the sound of that on the tin roof.

unimogs from the WW II era in Germany

metal sculptures everywhere

peacocks.  this guy was ready to show off his tail but as soon as i raised my camera he turned away from me.  boo.

pool in bath house


our raccoon room.  definitely very woodsy but neat.

all these windows opened onto the deck and over the water.

stuffed friends in our room.  better than snakes i guess. 

swan and pond around the cottages.

soaking tub in bath house

inside of unimog

the lodge had a full spa and many hunting/fishing options.  they also do tours of the dairy and tastings.  i decided to buy my own cheese and do a tasting at home.  they also grow mushrooms and berries there. 

good times! 

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