Sunday, February 19, 2012

ski trip

Last weekend, we went to Banner Elk with the Bowens, Griffins, Jay and Beth and William and Liza.  Allen and Gail were supposed to join us but they were not able to get away. 

Views of the slightly snowy mountains from the ski shop on our way in. 

On Friday, I enjoyed the day by the fire in the house.  It is a waste of money for me to ski. 

(I am not sure why my pictures aren't saving in the right orientation.  Also, I need to take a camera class asap!!  Ha.)

The bottom floor...

Site of a few air hockey tournaments

and the creation of some Shingleritas!
Brad grew a beard to fend off the wind on the slopes.

The main, middle floor had the fireplace and kitchen. 

Everyone getting ready for dinner.  They were really hungry after thrashing the mountains all day.

Main floor

Top floor

Guys sledding in the back yard on Saturday.  Thank goodness it finally came.  They were really worried that is was going to be just fake snow but we ended up getting about 6 inches.

Matt and Mandy sledding

Matt with their snowwoman

Matt tweaked his knee and ankle on Friday so he stayed behind with me, Mel and Mandy on Saturday.  We had a movie day!  :)

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