Monday, February 20, 2012

quail hunting

As I mentioned in an early post, Brad got his first quail this year.  He started hunting with Levi and Daddy late last season and is now officially hooked.  Here are a few pictures from that last trip.

Levi and Brad with that day's haul. 

Brad with Sadie and his bird.

Levi and Daddy both have short-hairs (Rascal and Loki) and Daddy has a wire-haired (Sadie) also.  She is a large dog!  And so silly.  I have been wanting another dog for a while now but working so far from the house poses a problem in being able to let the pup out during the day.  However, Brad is on board now because he has decided he wants some bird dogs of his own.  I'm okay with that!  :)

We may have to start with another lab and move up to bird dogs once we get the land (soon hopefully) and he knows more about how to train one.  Until then, it is more practice in the field for him.  Ha.

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