Thursday, April 26, 2012

379 frog hollow court

Brad and I are so excited to be the owners of this land!  The plan is to build our 'forever home' in the next three years.  We love some aspects of Richmond County (namely the uniqueness - no cookie-cutter neighborhoods - and its proximity to entertainment) but we can't afford private school and we wanted space, you know?  I grew up on almost 60 acres so I am used to privacy and room to roam.  

We stumbled across this lot last year in Columbia County off of Furys Ferry.  It is part of a 60-acre tract that was being divided into four lots.   Our lot is ten acres and adjacent to the ten 'common' acres.  So, basically, we have 20 contiguous acres of river-front land.  I may be partial but it is beautiful!!

And, if I wanted, I could take a kayak up the river to work.  :)

A couple of acres on our lot are in a bottom.  This is a shot of the blue stem palmetto along our creek.

The creek.  :)
It won't have water all year long but this was in February after a heavy rain.  We also have crawfish out there.  Hopefully they are edible!

There is a slight road leading onto our property already.  We hope to take advantage of this to avoid cutting down more trees.  Our projected home site is down there on the left, above the creek.  

Close up of the palmettos.  I love them!

Moss growing in our future driveway.  

The backwater pond on the common space.  It has a dock and little storage building already.  

Shot across the river.  That is a National Forest so no development will ever happen there.  We will build a dock in the next year probably.  The other lots in the 'neighborhood' are all on the river so we figure we will have sole use of this river access.  Brad is on the prowl for another boat more suited for river usage.  

My plan for the river involves the double-decker dock, a fire pit, picnic tables, etc.  Haha.  I have lots of plans!

Well, it doesn't look pretty in February but we love this tree.  We would like for it to be a focal point in our yard.  I think some of it is dead though so we will see in a few years.  

Just another shot of the woods.  We looked for a while before we found this lot and most lots are all pine trees.  No thanks.  I am loving all these hardwoods!

So, we have a lot of planning to do!!  Brad starts sweating anytime I mention my plans for a house.  :)
Between now and then, we (Brad mostly) will use the land for river riding, fishing, hunting, camping, etc.  

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