Thursday, May 3, 2012

athens, ga

Ugh, I am really annoyed with Blogger right now.  I can't get my vertical pictures to post upright and it is not easy to shift around the order.  And, I'm too lazy to fix it tonight...

Anyway, Brad and I were in Athens this past weekend and, as always, had a blast!  Levi is moving to Charleston (yay) to start his dissertation research so we wanted to spend his last weekend there with him.  And it just happened to be the same weekend as Twilight Criterium, a bike race downtown.  

On Saturday, we went to a pig roast hosted by the FourCoursemen.  We provided beer and sides and got to enjoy their yummy hogs and chickens.  We even got to hear some bluegrass!

The race on Saturday.  It is crazy how fast these guys go!

See?!  Couldn't even get a good picture of them.  

Blowing on a dandelion in Levi's front yard.  He has a field of them.  :)

Snuggling with sweet Loki.

Levi gives the pig a thumbs-up.

Friday night at The National with my bro.

The experts with their local pig.

The spread at the pig roast.  I brought my grape stuff (with sour cream and brown sugar).

We ate some yummy pizza at Ted's on Friday night.  

On Sunday, we met our Atlanta cousins at Farm 255 for brunch and then took some pictures around campus for our grandmother.  I used that opportunity to grab one of me and Brad too.  Phi Mu girls - remember that fountain?  :)
One of the cousin photos.  Got to get one picked out and framed for Mother's Day!
One with Levi.  He kept splashing water from the little guy on his right on me.  Thanks bro!

We also had brunch on Saturday with our other grandmother and uncle and got to see other friends that were in town.  Such fun times - I miss that place!  We'll be back in the fall for football!!

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