Monday, October 8, 2012

birthdays, a shower, a new arrival and football

Time for a catch-up!  We have been busy the last month.  Work gets crazy for me this time of year and we have season tickets this year so we have been in Athens a lot.  I have to work the next couple of weekends but we have no games in Athens so we should be around the house a little more.  I really need to catch up on my recipe posts!!

Dinner at Rae's for Liza's birthday!  Aiden loves his mommy!  Liza and William are engaged so we are getting really excited for that celebration this spring!

Allen and Gail at Rae's.  We don't get to see them much.  :(

Before the Vandy game, we went to visit the Towlers and sweet Pearson.  April and Thomas seem to be getting the hang of parenthood!

Sanford before Vandy.  So pretty.

Blake, Mel, Aiden and Liza at Vallarta for Brad's birthday.  I love to cook (obvs) but he would rather have Mexican.  Makes it easy on me I guess!

Jennifer and Charles are having twin boys!!  We went to a couples shower for them a few weeks ago and had a great time.  Blake, Mel, me, Michele and Jennifer.  Isn't she adorable?

Brad's birthday shot.  I actually missed the real deal so he was kind enough to reenact it for me.  :)

After Liza's birthday dinner.  These boys still love to fight.  Ha.

Upstairs at the new Georgia Theatre in Athens.  Ah, it's amazing.  Hopefully we can go back sometime when it's not so crazy.

Alex and Eric showing off their guts.  Law is checking it out.  William sat out this round.  

Brad and me at Rae's for Liza's birthday.

Levi came to visit on his way twice in the last month.  Loki is the most relaxed dog I have ever met.  I completely covered him with a blanket and he didn't move for 10 minutes.  

Michelle, Georgia and Amber at Vallarta.

Mike and Steve at Vallarta.

Before the Buffalo game.  Yes, I am disappointed about our loss to SC.  However, it is only a game and all we can do is start winning again.  SC's defense is for real....

Our neighbor at the new land planted some sorghum and beans.  He plans to plow it for bird habitat.  Brad is so excited!

Eric's daughter, Tensley, was all about playing with Law.  Too funny!

Before the Vandy game, we went to Theta Chi for an alumni/parent's weekend.  This is the bathroom outside of Brad's old room.  It was still filthy but this Ricky Bobby upgrade cracks me up.  I have to say, the house is looking so much better!

We got to enjoy some Weaver D's at Theta Chi.  Mmmmm...

Before the Tennessee game, we hit the Theta Chi tailgate on North Campus.  Great to see all these folks!  Alex, Court, Eric, Randy, Brad and Will.  Roth, Benji, Beau, Dirty, Steve R and others were there too.  

The girls.  Brad and I rode to the game with Mel/Eric, Alex/Amber and Mel's brother, Whit, with his wife, Katie.  Yep, all in the Lawrence's Expedition.  We had a blast!

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