Sunday, October 14, 2012

pork tamales

 I have been wanting to make tamales for a long time now.  I have actually never had one but thought it would be fun.  Well, it was fun but very time-consuming and not the smartest thing to do on a Wednesday night.  Ha.  

I can't get these pictures to behave and am tired of posting so, I apologize if it's confusing.  :(

Soaking the corn husks.  I used my dutch oven lid to keep them under the water.  

The masa and shortening mixture.  Paste is a good description of the consistency.  

Roasted peppers.  Seed and de-stem them to cut down on the heat.  

Roasted pepper sauce.  

(Below) Pork added to the pepper sauce.  I was smart enough to cook the pork butt the night before.  :)

Putting the tamale together.  I did learn that I should have spread out the masa mixture a lot more.  I was worried about space so I just plopped it on there.  However, I am not sure it made any difference in the taste.  

Soaking the peppers after roasting them.  This mixture then gets blended to make the sauce that the pork gets added to. 

Steaming the tamales.  I used a steamer basket in my stock pot and used some cans of vegetables to hold the lid down tight.  

Finished product!  It was like a pork/roasted pepper sauce in a cornbread mixture.  It was actually a little dry (maybe because the masa didn't totally cover the pork/sauce?) so Brad added a little salsa.  The good thing is this recipe makes about 50 tamales!  We still have a ton frozen for a later date.  Thank goodness - not sure how soon I'll be making these again.  ;)

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