Monday, January 21, 2013


I have posted this before but wanted to do an update.  We would always go eat lunch at Ladles in Freshfield Village when I worked on Kiawah.  They had a special on Tuesdays that was delish - apple and bacon with herbed cream cheese.  I have played around with the herbage mixture for a while and this time was better.  I used a 4 oz hunk of cream cheese and added maybe a 1/2 clove of raw garlic and some basil.  I would have preferred fresh basil but the skanko Bi-Lo closest to our house was out so dry it was.  I only use Granny Smith's (you want that tartness) and slice them very thin.  Serve on toasted wheat bread. 
However, a chef friend recommended roasting the garlic (duh) so that will be my approach next time.  This should make a huge difference.  I'll probably wrap two cloves in foil with a little olive oil, roast until mushy (technical terms here), mash with a fork and add slowly to the cream cheese.  Can't wait!

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