Monday, January 21, 2013

lemon dill chicken

The picture on the recipe (link above) looks much more appetizing than mine.  Ha.  Mine looks dry but it definitely was not.  In retrospect, I didn't serve the pan sauce over the chicken - duh. Man, I am off my game because I have taken such a long time off from cooking.  The flavor was still great though!
I served the chicken with sauteed asparagus (olive oil, S&P) and these yummy roasted parmesan potatoes. 
These potatoes are my go-to.  So yummy and crunchy on the outside.  I don't mix all the spices together first (why dirty another bowl?) but instead just dump them all in with the oil-coated potatoes.  I actually don't even really measure but, if you do that, just be careful with the cayenne.  Make sure to spray the pan and toss frequently to avoid sticking. 

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