Monday, January 21, 2013


January has been a blast so far!
For New Year's, we got together with the Lawrences, Bowens, Griffins, soon-to-be McWattys and a friend from work.  We had chili and cornbread, watched football and the ball drop and had a dance party.  Everyone spent the night so we had breakfast the next day and some folks stuck around for the UGA game (FTW) and the typical New Year's meal of pork, greens and black-eyed peas.  Good times!

Last Friday, I went to Sheehan's with Martha and Natalie as an early birthday celebration.  Their catfish louisianne is to-die-for.  I'm sure everything else is good too but I can't break away!

The girls came back to the house afterwards to continue the party.

I was loving that our table at dinner had an S.  The three of us all have surnames that start with S now.  Now, I am thinking the S is for Sheehan's.  Geez. 

Last Monday (my actual birthday), the whole crew got together for dinner at Salsa's.  Mexican is so easy - fast, good for kids and everyone loves it!  Thanks to Allen/Gail, Jay/Beth, the Lawrences, Bowens, Collins', Leveretts, and the soon-to-be Doziers for helping me celebrate!  We missed the Rigsbys and Griffins! 
On Friday, we celebrated Debbie's 60th birthday. Bill arranged this wonderful surprise dinner with her children (from AZ and CO) and her family (from IN). He did a great job!

Debbie's brother-in-law (also Bill), her son Andy, Brad and her other son Pete. 

Brad's Dad, Bill, as Debbie greets her sweet grandson, daughter-in-law and Megan.  Megan's husband, Adi, and Amanda, Pete's fiancee, were not able to make it and they were sorely missed!

Me and Brad

Debbie blowing out her candles

Megan with Brad

With Megan
(My camera was having issues so we did lots of takes.  It had issues again on Saturday.  I need to learn how to use the darn thing!)

Debbie with her sisters and mother. 
Afterwards, we went to Debbie and Bill's for more visting.  Happy 60th!
Then, on Saturday, we hosted an engagement party for Jay and Beth. The party was at Mike and Blake's and everyone had a blast!!

Mel with Allen

Allen and Brad with Jay's dad.  He's their favorite!

Cornhole tourney (of course)!  I am pretty sure those boards did not survive the night. 

Brock, Brad, Matt and Mike

The fire was fantastic!  Mike and Blake just took down their Christmas tree so there were plenty of dry branches to burn.

Eric and Steve

We had many takes of these photos too due to mechanical issues.  This was the best one...
Michelle, Liza, Jennifer, Michele and me

with Brad

Heather, Kristen, me, Beth, Michelle, Michele, Gail, Mel and Liza

Jay and Allen

Do you know Nuway in Macon?  I had never heard of it until a friend mentioned it earlier this week.  Then, totally unrelated, another host brought 60 as a surprise to Jay for late-night snacking at his party.  Hotdog with chili and cheese!
(On a side note, isn't it weird when you hear something for the first time and then that thing pops back up again very quickly?  Does it stick with you because you just heard it (and you're on the lookout for it) or is it just a crazy coincedence?  Things I think about.)

The lovely couple - Beth and Jay

Jay and Beth with Jay's Mom

Matt and Brad clowning around with the top-shelf Tortilla Tequila.  :)

The Nuways stashed in a closet until the big reveal!

Jay and Beth with Jay's parents, sister and brother-in-law.  Beth's family lives in Virginia but we are looking forward to partying with them in Charleston in March for the wedding.

The backyard crowd. 

The Roachs and O'Dells

And guess what we served - Salsa's!!!  Ha.  Like I said, Mexican is everyone's favorite. 

Master mixologist Brad making Shingleritas, part 2.  These things were delish but lethal!  I think he went with a 1:1 ratio on the mix and tequila.  When asked about the secret ingredient, Brad always says more tequila.  Well, I think he is right.  He did mix it this time with orange extract, curacao and sweet lime juice.  Although, this just covered up the tequila taste so they were super-sneaky. 

Trey, William, Matt, Eric (always on his phone) and Gail

Brad with Mrs. Wanda.  They used to work in the same building for Richmond County!
Then, on Sunday, we went to the Bowens to watch the Falcons game with everyone.  I must admit that I am not a Falcons fan.  I don't dislike them but am indifferent as I tend to follow UGA players and they rarely sign any.  I also don't want to jump on the bandwagon just because they are winning now.  Well, were.  Also, I think I just like to be contrary on this issue.  It was a great game but, of course, everyone was disappointed they lost.  Georgia teams have all lost in the semi-finals this year.  Let's hope that improves next year!
So, this weekend we head to Charleston with the family for more birthday celebrations.  Bring it on!

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amandarhodges said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jami!!

Sad I missed the shenanigans last weekend but it sounds like everything went famously - glad Pete was able to make it!

P.S. You look AMAZING :)