Sunday, March 24, 2013

jay and beth's charleston wedding

We decided to get a head-start on this weekend and headed down to Charleston on Thursday.  

We met up with Levi at the Gin Joint.  

It's set up to resemble a speakeasy.

I actually got adventurous and picked two words off this menu for the bartender to create something for me

I chose refreshing and fruit.  (how girly)

And it was delicious.  This had gin, ginger beer, a raspberry liquor and candied ginger.  Yum.

You can't really tell but that is one long, thin ice cube.  Pretty cool!

Then Brad and I went to McCrady's for dinner.  Brad did the four courses and got beef tartare, trout, ribeye and the cheese course.  The trout was amazing!!

I got the trout and chocolate chess pie.  Yum!

We were lazy Friday morning and met up with William and Liza at Poe's for lunch.  

(Literary buffs need to read the 'about us' section.  Pretty cool.)

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner at Gold Bug Island.  There was BBQ, lowcountry boil and crab legs.  

On the candy table were footballs signed by Jay and Beth's college football coaches.  Pretty cool! 

Eric with his pile of crab legs.

LCB and crab legs - mmmm

William and Trey sat down with Beth's family and were telling all kinds of stories about Jay.  Too funny!

The girls 
Lesley, Michelle, Blake, me, Allison, Melanie, Liza, Mandy and Michele

I got a horrible migraine during and went back to the condo.  So I missed the dance party at Windjammers but was thankful for my bed, darkness and silence.

On Saturday, the girls went for a walk.  We stayed at the Dozier's Wild Dunes condo along with the Rigsbys and Bowens.  We tried to walk on the beach but it was super windy!  Still pretty though.

At the reception at the Lighthouse on Shem Creek. 

Jay and Beth's first dance

Brad, Alex, Andy, Nathan, Travis and Matt

Jay's wedding band!!

Liza and William

If you look over Eric's shoulder, you will see mullet #1.

Horrible pic but here is mullet #2 (at one-third line in photo).  This guy was much younger and kinda hipster.  Apparently he is the four-square national champ.  

Have you ever been to an event with two mullets??

Brock, Charles, Jennifer, Michele, Eric, Melanie, Liza and William

After the wedding, we went to Red's (conveniently located next door).  Good times!!

On Sunday, we met my brother for brunch at Gene's.  A friend of ours from college, Kyle Giddens, was actually in town and staying with Levi so it was good to visit with him too.  Kyle and I both got this southern sampler - shrimp, fried green tomatoes, eggs and grits.

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