Sunday, March 24, 2013

nigella's coke ham

For my latest Nigella recipe, I tackled her Coke Ham.  Truthfully, I cooked this just so I could make this black bean soup with the juices.  

However, this was a disaster from the beginning and nothing went as planned.  First of all, I couldn't find a green ham.  So, I just grabbed something and bought it.  Well, as I went to put it in the pot to boil it in coke, I realized it was precooked and already sliced.  Ugh.  So, I ended up skipping that step and just heated it up in the oven before adding the glaze.  It was still really good but not was I was going for!

I made this corn casserole to serve alongside.  Just a combination of creamed and canned corn plus cream cheese and diced jalapenos.  I do all of this to taste and preference.  

My favorite green beans.  Just saute in some olive oil, add some cashews to roast and finish with honey at the end.  Delish!

Sliced ham

Happy dinner plate

Mom and Dad joined us and Mom brought dessert.  This is one of my favorites.  

This is basically a molasses cake with a lemon and cream cheese topping.  To Die For! 

So, the ham turned out ok but I was lacking the coke/ham juice for my black bean soup.  So, I saved the ham juices from the roasting pan.  I boiled the reserved ham bone in Coke and added these juices.  

Then I followed the recipe.  This soup was disgusting!!!  I very rarely throw food out.  I did this though.  The beans were still crunchy despite boiling them for four hours.  She said two would suffice and soaking overnight was not necessary.  I disagree.  Also, the taste was way too sweet.  I even doubled the cumin and coriander.  At least I got a decent ham out of this debacle!

Looks good though, doesn't it?

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