Sunday, March 24, 2013

liza's asheville bachelorette

Last weekend, I went to Asheville for Liza's bachelorette.

Gail, Mandy and I left on Friday afternoon.  We had some dinner, visited with the girls and enjoyed the hot tub in our backyard.

On Saturday, we boarded our party bus and headed to a few wineries and breweries.  

This thing was awesome - speakers and coolers.

TV and lights.  

He couldn't make it up the driveway so we walked out to him.  The walk back wasn't so fun.

(Although, we could have had to walk a lot farther to get back.  After three tries, he couldn't get the bus up the mountain to bring us home.  So, he drove it in reverse.  Scary!!!  I couldn't decide if we should tip him more or ask him for money back.  Ha.)

At the winery.
Anne, Gail, Kristen, Liza, Mandy, me, Stephanie and Ellen

In front of the grapes

Wine barrels

Bar.  They had just finished this building and it was beautiful!

Addison Farms wine

Hearth room

Next stop - Highland Brewery
Probably my favorite!

We got 4 flights and shared them.  Gaelic Ale is their most popular.

Fun fact - Highland has more taps in NC than Budweiser.  Crazy!

Gail and Liza

With our flights

It turned out to be a beautiful day!  It was supposed to rain but it was sunny and 70 so we enjoyed it to the fullest.


with Liza

Scottish guy in the warehouse

Safety glasses!
Liza, Kristen, Stephanie and Mandy


We stopped for a quick photo-op downtown with our St Patty's Day hats.

Hot tub and hammock on the mountain side.

Great view from the porch

On the way there, we stopped in Columbia's Piggly Wiggly for supplies.  We saw this sign and knew we had to try some!

Flavors of Piggly Wiggly beer.

This one was actually really good!  Reminded me of Stella.  Pig Swig - ha!

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