Saturday, March 21, 2015

eye shadow

A list!  For Shingler's List!  
Those that know me well, know that makeup is not my thing.  I don't wear a lot, don't spend a lot of money on it and don't keep up with the latest tips or trends.  (I probably should but I don't.  Ha.)  However, I am all about saving time and creating less mess.  I rarely wear eye shadow because the powder is so messy and it always creases as the day goes on.  

I have used the chubby stick from Clinique for years and I love the convenience.  It does crease badly so I have to maintain throughout the day.  As I used it a few weeks ago, I decided I would try to find something similar in other colors and with more staying power.  This is what I purchased and my thoughts:

From the top (ranked in order of preference):
Sonia Kashuk - LOVE this color.  It is a great taupy color (moonstone).  This is also the best wand I have found.  So easy to apply and does not crease after 12 hours of wear.  Love, love this one.
Almay - this is a fun purpley color to complement by brown eyes.  The wand tip is a little different shape than Sonia's and a little harder to manage but this one does not crease either.  
Wet n Wild - neither of the above came in a grey color (that I saw), so I went with this one.  It is more of a crayon like the chubby stick but kinda dry.  It doesn't go on very smoothly or evenly but doesn't crease.  I love the eyeliner on the other end.
Covergirl - Another grey/black.  This one is really dark so I actually haven't worn it yet.  (That would require getting a babysitter and leaving the house after 7 pm.  Ha.) It seems to be a much creamier crayon than the one above it.  
Clinique - As I mentioned, I love and have used this chubby stick for years.  It is a great neutral color.  However, it does need sharpening and creases really badly.  Application is a cinch however.  

The applicator tip for Sonia.  My favorite hands-down!  I need to research to see if they have a greyish color.  (Just googled it, they don't.  The one I have is Moonstone from Target.)

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